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An amazing guy who will do anything for you he will make you laugh even when youre mad he will appreciate you and make you feel like the luckiest person in the world he is the cutest person alive and is really strong you will always dream about kissing him bc he is so special all you ever think about is him through the entire day you will want to talk to him or text him or call him for hours hes honest and thoughtful and always remembers your birthday and everything about you and if it takes him forever to finally ask you out thats just bc your so important to him and he doesn't want to ever lose you and if he ever hides anything from you thats bc he's trying to protect you he might not be great at it and he might think he's doing the right thing but his hearts in the right place he always wants to talk to you and if you truly get to know him he's the best guy in this whole fricking universe and you will just love him so much and he'll love you too and he doesn't always make it clear that he does but he does if he ever says it bc he doesnt lie and ik this is long and i probably got carried away here but thats bc i love him so much like more than anything in this entire world and whenever you say ily to him he'll say ily more and he never gives up on that and he'll send you 50 million heart emojis next to it and you'll love him more than ever and you'll always think im so lucky and anyways just perry if your reading this ily "babe" yeah i finally said it ilysm babe
Girl #1: Hey did you see that cute guy whats his name
Girl #2: Thats Perry the nicest guy in school
by •tigerlily26• November 14, 2018
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The rare name for a rare man who is muscular, tall, and sadly self concious and rather shy. He can also be very charismatic when he comes out of his shell.
That Perry is one heck of a guy, once you get to know him.
by Snickerzgurly January 08, 2008
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a super-cute wonderful guy, who has a bright spirit and can do anything! he has a great heart, and can brighten anyone's day!!
i wish i had a perry!!
by that111 February 02, 2010
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Hoe ass nigga crusty ass head-ass looking chicken nugget eating Humpty Dumpty noodle head
Ew hes totally a Perry!
by darealfact February 21, 2019
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1. The famous songwriter who was mentioned in PopSugar celebrity 6 minutes ago
2. The chief and editor at the Daily Planet in the Superman franchise
3. Agent P's split personality
1. I have all of Perry's albums.
2. Perry is my favorite character in Superman.
3. I have a stuffed animal of Perry.
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by Trisha1 March 06, 2017
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