1. testicles
2. a hair-removal product
My nads were too hairy, so I put Nads on them.
by pornstar1776769 June 19, 2003
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ALternate moniker to 'gonads' or 'testicles'.
That dude has big nads.

Yeah, we'll that's what they pay him the big porn bucks for.
by Brugz January 20, 2003
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noun, slang 1. testicles 2. sensitive area that a man gets kicked; object of getting kicked
by James Reitz November 1, 2005
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1)A term made popular by the Beavis and Butthead cartoon that refers to one's testicles.

2)A horribly named hair removal product.
Beavis: Hey, Butthead! Check this out!
Butthead: Dammit Beavis! If you tell me to come here again just to see you humping a microwave, I'll kick you in the nads, you bunghole.

I know, I'll use Nads to get this hair off my(insert body part).
by Dixon B. Tweenerlegs October 5, 2007
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plural of nad; meaning testicles (pair of) (unless you're really unlucky!)
this water's freexing my nads off!
by b0Bz0r3llo February 10, 2005
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1. the dangley scrotum that hangs in between a mans legs

2. a very interesting name for someone to call their child that you know gets the ladies and is a very handsome boy and at football games you can cry "GO NADS GO"

3. slang for testicles or ballsack

4. the best place to keep your hands very warm
i know these things very well because my name is nads and i am a nadologist and i study nadology
by therealnads December 2, 2009
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nads is short for "gonads" -- a guy's balls.
Matt likes me to lick his nads when I play with his dick.
by USAF Cadet June 12, 2021
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