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To masturbate feverishly
"I could really go for a tug right now"
by JohnnyAwesome March 18, 2003
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1. Noun: Hand Job
2. Verb: To masturbate a man's penis, to give them a hand job
Person 1: Will you give me tug?
Person 1:
Carl and Maise are under the covers right now
Person 2:

Damn, is Carl getting the Lurps or the Tugs?
by AndIStillMoveOn October 11, 2010
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People that listen to grime and that are mainly from London would call themselves tugs. This is just like the naming program that other *cultures* use, such as chav, greebo, goth etc. They often like to wear tracksuits and baseball caps - brands such as Akademiks, écko, Iceberg, adidas, nike etc. We are the true Tugs on road these days so fall back all u other minorities...
Tug 1. "yes yes, check out my new akademiks outfit, it looks ill"

Tug 2. "Grime is da best, rock, punk, pop and everyting else is wack"

Tug 3. "what blud, you'll get murked wid my .44 bitch, dnt eva let me see u in my endz again"
by ill ting breh August 05, 2005
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(Throw Up Girl) one who cannot sit at a family dinner or just sit in front of a plate of food without have the urge to vomit in mid-air or become nauseated out of the blue.
Mom: Hey Kimmy its time for dinner

Kimmy: -gags- I'm coming

Minutes later at the dinner table....
mom: Kimmy please eat your dinner
Kimmy: -panics, turns gray- I'm not hungry anymore

mom: -looks at Kimmy-
Kimmy: -gags-
Mom: get outta my sight with that TUG shit.....
by DMJAY October 01, 2013
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