To masturbate feverishly
"I could really go for a tug right now"
by JohnnyAwesome March 19, 2003
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To have a wank i.e. to stroke an erect penis until orgasm and ejaculation
Last night, Brad had a tug with his friends
by JammyJack February 20, 2006
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People that listen to grime and that are mainly from London would call themselves tugs. This is just like the naming program that other *cultures* use, such as chav, greebo, goth etc. They often like to wear tracksuits and baseball caps - brands such as Akademiks, écko, Iceberg, adidas, nike etc. We are the true Tugs on road these days so fall back all u other minorities...
Tug 1. "yes yes, check out my new akademiks outfit, it looks ill"

Tug 2. "Grime is da best, rock, punk, pop and everyting else is wack"

Tug 3. "what blud, you'll get murked wid my .44 bitch, dnt eva let me see u in my endz again"
by ill ting breh August 5, 2005
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"Thug" - west indian accent, mainly dancehall artists like Sean Paul, Beenie Man, Sizzla inspired by hip-hop legend Tupac's use of the word thug. Now commonly used in the UKG and grime music scenes of east london.
no one can tes ma breh, rollin like he a true tug
by garmz January 22, 2005
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this is the ghetto pronounciation for the word "thug".
yo is you a tug?
by dreone April 24, 2003
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Something that is wank i.e. crap, shit, poor.
That new game's tug.

I need to get a new car, mine's tug.
by Dan_24 April 20, 2008
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1. A playful description of either male masturbation or a handjob. Characterized by the tugging action on the penis.

2. A small boat used to pull ships.
Dude, Joe is not getting any tug tug tonight. What a dumbass.
by Haneef November 10, 2007
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