The testicles or ovaries -- in either case, the pair of organs which:

a. Produce hormones which, prior to birth, cause the development of gender-specific traits, and at puberty, cause the development of secondary sex traits. Testosterone for males, Estrogen and progesterone for females.
b. Produce gametes (sex cells) -- sperm in the case of males, eggs in the case of females.
c. Make young boys giggle.
Gonads in the lighting, gonads in the lightning -- gonads in the rain!
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your testicles,your jewels,your cookies,your nuts,your beans ect........
my stupid ex-wife kicked me in the gonads
by cole January 1, 2004
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Your balls or testicles. Shortened word is also just nads.
i just fell down the stairs and landed right on my gonads.
by Mos Def And Kweli are Blackstar February 26, 2005
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The body part that fast-talking squirrels like to sing about on the Internet.
When you're a kid and you want to go, "weee!", but you ain't got drugs yet, you hold out for your life. You hold on to your little gonads and strife.
by costheta July 22, 2009
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crazy, outta ure mind, nuts
man my teacher went gonads when i called her a beeotch
by SAND_MC July 10, 2003
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Balls, Scrotum, Nuts, Bizalls, Jiz Bag, giggleberries, yogurt factory, nads, kahonies, ka-chachkas.
i just barely grazed one gonad accross the chair and man did it hurt
by Justice October 16, 2002
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Adjective - Of, relating to, or denoting gonads. Gonads (ovaries or testes) represent our generative and creative potentials.

Gonadal may be used in place of the more male-gendered sperm-centric and oft-used adjective "seminal;" likewise "ovarial" may be used if one wishes to signify a more female-gendered egg-centric motif.
Example sentence: "The gonadal theory of X strongly influenced later theoretical developments in the field."
by Canicha February 8, 2013
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