185 definitions by Ian Chode

Piles. Rhyming slang for Chalfont St Giles, a place in the UK.
Oooh, me Chalfonts.
by Ian Chode April 8, 2003
1. A toilet, especially a urinal. (From wazz, to urinate.)
2. An icicle made of urine, possibly falling from the sky after having been ejected from an aircraft.
1. Where's the wazzicle, I need a slash.
2. I got hit by a wazzicle.
by Ian Chode February 2, 2004
Anything that is very large.
"I've got a chonga dick." - Howard H Helmet Jnr.
by Ian Chode February 21, 2004
Virginity. Like a balloon, in that it only takes one prick and it's gone.
by Ian Chode August 12, 2003
They were up all night having sausage. See Blackadder the third ("Sausage Time!")
by Ian Chode March 20, 2004
A combination of computers, dildos (or other sex toys) and electronics.
The computer controlled buttplug was a great example of cyberdildonics.
by Ian Chode March 15, 2005