185 definitions by Ian Chode

A homosexual who engages in an act of anal sex with another man.
He told the jury he couldn't have done it because he was a prostate prodder.
by Ian Chode February 17, 2004
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To almost kill yourself with trapped wind and the utter the violence of a shit. (From the UK slang karzy meaning toilet).
I tell you, after that curry his toilet turned into a kamekarzy.
by Ian Chode February 24, 2004
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I thought he was a dung demon, but it turns out he was just camp.
by Ian Chode October 23, 2003
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A silly slang greeting that is supposed to sound like a Northern Ireland accent asking "How are you?"
Hi are ye?
Very well, tank-ye!
by Ian Chode September 14, 2003
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T-shirts (or other clothing) that change colour according to how hot the wearer's body is. Popular in the 1990s. Failed invention due to fundamentally silly idea. See also midget cream.
Marc's T-shirt was made of global hypercolour. Then he went to prison.
by Ian Chode March 20, 2004
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The bodily orifice that something shoved up the ass goes into.
Note the slightly forced pronunciation here to get the rhyme.
Fabs took it up the anal canal like a man.
by Ian Chode February 25, 2004
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