That one girl who ALWAYS shows up around a guy you like and flirts with him. Just when you thought the guy was single, she comes and hooks up with your guy in less than a second.
by ....! November 20, 2010
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The one girl that i loved enough not to think about sexually... don't get me wrong, she was cute as hell but, i wasn't out for sex, i was out for love... But as teh world turns, she wanted someone else, Fuckin Little Mermaid.. oh well, lets have a toast shall we?

*takes shot*
Bye Jenn, I'll See you Around...
by Just_Joseph... December 21, 2004
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The perfected version of the McGangbang. A double cheeseburger from Five Guys with a Chik Fil A chicken sandwich placed inside of it
We went and got five guys one chick for lunch and it hit the spot
by Somedudeoutback February 28, 2019
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When it is really easy for the girl to cum.
Dude I was with this chick last night and she was a one flick chick,
by Cam the man54 October 16, 2019
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The female version of a one-pump chump. When you go down on a girl and she cums ridiculously fast.
"I went down on my girlfriend for the first time last night and she came in about fifteen seconds.. I would have never guessed she'd be a one-lick chick!
by are you gonna be my girl April 11, 2011
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