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When a girl lays on her back with her mouth wide open and you drop your balls in her mouth.
You'll never believe what I did to that girl from the club last night...I tea-bagged her!!!
by Mike July 03, 2003
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The natural act of a man dipping his ball sack into either a woman's or defeated opponents mouth as if it were a Tea-bag.
Most often used in the gaming community as a victory move. After you kill an opponent you highly dislike it is not uncommon to stand over your enemies lifeless body and crouch up and down over and over in a T-bagging manner while the opponent watches from the kill cam his body being defiled. (Note: Although uncommon T-Bagging a player while in a laying position such as sniping can also be done and is extra funny for the kill cam review.) Note that T-Bagging can get you spawn killed or verbally assaulted over the microphone.
"The gamer finally killed his opponent after many spawn kills and took his revenge by T-bagging the body of his downed opponent."

"Did you see that asshole? He just T-Bagged my body! Everyone spawn kill him!"
by Saltypillow July 04, 2012
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t bagging is when a man dips his balls into a womans mouth.
rather like a tbag being put nto a cup of tea. and thats t bagging
by chelle and chunk September 11, 2008
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When one person has their nuts in another person mouth.
They call this T-bagging because it's like you do a tea bag up and down.
by Maree and Narda January 16, 2006
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The act of
1. pwning a noob
2. standing over his lifeless body
3. and crouching many times over his head in the ultimate show of disrespect.
GUY 1: "d00d guess what i did?"

GUY 2: "what?"

GUY 1: "in Halo, I pwned a n00b, and t-bagged him!"

GUY 2: "OUCH! t-bagging can kill a mans pride!"
by vtolegend July 12, 2008
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when you put your balls in the mouth of someone who is sleeping and take a picture as a joke
by Anonymous October 10, 2003
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