"1337-speak" for "dude" "K3w1 d00d" however, is often used to bescribe those who use such words...
h3y d00d! l37z k!11 sum n00Bs!
by Hrugnir March 10, 2003
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Dude 1: Luk D00mBringar I'm liek d00d numba oen.
Me: ...That's nice.
by DoomBringer316 February 11, 2004
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Its "teh" "leet" language which actually says dude .
d00d j00r s0w phhhwned while j00r standing d00ding ow3r th3re.. Come t00 us 0th3r d00dz and d00d togehter wiht us. And wihle j00r @ it, can j00 pelliz type correct?
N0 d00d, cus Im a d00d, and taeht is just s0w fakking d00die-li-d00d
by phur riil September 1, 2003
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same as dude
usually used with rockers
So then I was like d00d!
by matt wrobel February 7, 2008
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"3l337" or "L337" speak for dude.
y0 -d00d- jo0 m4m4 s0xx0rZ m3h c0xx0rz! wo0t wo0t! 1 pwnz0r j00 a$$
by Ic0n April 6, 2003
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1 . L337 speak for dude
2 . Prinnies say it in the game 'disgaea'
person : hey d00d
prinnie: d00d!!
by =virus.exe= September 28, 2004
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