the most annoying thing in the world, usually linked from YouTube and offering "2 good to be true" promises, which when filled out, usually results and email-spam rape, and a broken spirit and/or virus
by sharecashisgay October 3, 2010
While sitting in a public space, especially where all or most are sitting and shall be sitting for a while, one can succumb to vicious survey. This happens to people who are old or complicated or conscientious or lonely enough to feel guilty about or be indifferent to watching attractive men and women, or even people. So when they casually look around, if their ocular interaction with a man or woman's figure in one corner or end of the space amounts to something more than a glance, they make up for it by looking at the other corner or end, to establish a lack of interest or curiosity. If that end or corner too holds a man or woman's figure, and the visual moment transcends a glance, then that person would fall into vicious survey. He would not be able to contemplate or concentrate, and would survey the place continuously until the world is desolate again.
Pandu thought he would sit in the park for a long time, but he yielded to a vicious survey of the place and had to come back to his room, either out of pain in the neck or plain disgust, or both. Same happened to his house-mate Chaman in the pub.
by moul June 3, 2014
Polls and Surveys is a section on Yahoo Answers, like the person who defined P&S said. It use to be a lot of fun. Avi games USE to be popular. Users treat their "contacts" like "friends". Its also known for insecure 13 year old girls who go on google and find a pic of a "pretty girl" and set that as their avatar to get attention, because in real life they're ugly and/or have no friends. Then they get busted because their pics never change, or someone sees it on google. Now its a bunch of stupid ass losers who can't take a joke. If you don't have a Formspring, you're a P&S loser. Most of the cool people left...

Actually everyone on there is a loser, but at least some of them are funny losers.
LOL, OMG, I can't believe Bree was fake!!!

You need to make a Formspring!!!! I need to waste life talking to you, because you're a stranger who live 762354672 miles away!!!

*inserts sexual innuendo here*

I can't wait to post stupid questions in Polls & Surveys about how cool my contacts are!
by Peanutbutterfudge December 22, 2010
Moving the flame of the lighter around the bowl in order to see if there is any cash left in the bowl.
Person A: its done dude, lets pack another.

Person B: Hey man, lemme Survey the Land.

Person A: better safe than sorry!
by June 20, 2010
long lists of annoying questions people post on myspace, because they have no life.
omg! i'm taking these myspace surveys because i have no life!
by cheysky December 15, 2008
Questionnaire that is usually given online, associated with a code on one's store, or restaurant bill. There may be valuable prizes given for filling out a receipt survey.
She didn't usually consider taking receipt surveys because she figured, "yeah, like I'm gonna win anything". The first time she bothered to take a receipt survey she didn't win anything.
by Quadropheniac73 September 30, 2009