Avi is a person who is funny, nice, strong, smart, loyal,very good looking he is a person who you can get along he is a person that can make friends very easy and little annoying but able to get used to he can also be a cold-hearted person he may sometimes say something that hurts feelings but would not care he is a person who is hard to not fall i love with and is a person who doesn't show feelings or doesn't want them to be seen but still a great guy
Your like avI
by Love452317 May 11, 2018
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"avi" is used on twitter to refer to your default display picture or avatar.
@blablabla i like your avi, you're really pretty!
@personwhocomplimentedme thanks! (:
by harkeisha March 18, 2015
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A fantastic, fun to be with girl. She will look very pretty and will be super nice. She will be classy and not dress like a whore You have to work hard to make an Avis be mad at you. Random, fun to hang out with, and never cheats.
by beebox911 June 04, 2011
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A pretty, nice girl. Always polite to her friends. Shy to those she doesn't know. Hilarious to those she does.
Whoah, look at that Avis! Should i talk to her?
by Yoitsmeupinherr! July 09, 2011
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