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Someone far beyond a simple fan.
No, not the tye of fan which keeps people cool.

An arrogant person who goes into an outburst every time something he likes is questioned. Fanboys usually acuse others of being fanboys. Usually use 1337 and swarm MMORPGs. Fanboys caused alot of fallouts between people when they started arguing about consoles. If you insult something that a fanboy likes, he will spam your computer up and try to insult something that you like. Most words a fanboy uses are in 1337 or end with 'X0RZ' and they spell the work 'the' as 'teh' because they think that it is 'teh ro><0|2Z!!!'
e.g. Counterstrike is teh rockxorz!

Fanboys usually use the word 'own3d' if they beat someone.
Another annoying feature of a fanboy is that if he is loyal to a console, he usually goes to rival console forums and spams the place up with inults about how his console is 'better'.
They take the 'console war' very seriously, as if it's a real war.

(Although I'm a Nintendo fan, I hate Nintendo fanboys who can't shut up because a Sony fan said that Nintendo is for kids. Dude, chill out, the console war isn't a real war!)
Sony Fanboy: omg n00b nintendo is teh suckx0rz becasue its games are for kids because they dont have 100% violence! etc. etc.


XBOX Fanboy: STFU BOTH U N00BS! XBOX is owned by microsoft the richest company in the world, you both suck!


by Arran January 03, 2005

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Losers who aren't funny use this word every sentence to try and be funny.
Imagine a random mouse randomly wearing a random little shirt coming out of that random hole over there!
by Arran January 06, 2005

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Magic: The Gathering, a collectable trading card game that will consume you, your life and your income!
I Just bough a whole cycle!
by arran October 03, 2003

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The townie (tracksuits retardus) are hideous creatures which roam the lands of England. They tend to be known as chavs, neds or basically just fucking assholes.

The male of the species tend to be called 'Gav', 'Gaz', 'Baz', 'Nat' or 'Matty'. He tends to have a shaved head, to make him look 'rock 'ard, innit', or in modern English, tough. Although townies are racist towards asians, they accept black people into their 'crew', and the black townies tend to bleach their hair yellow (blonde). Their hides tend to consist of (fake) Burberry caps, hoodies over the top, with the hood constantly up, matching tracksuit bottoms with the lines down the side, and white trainers. They also tend to wear plastic rings from the 20 pence (British money) plastic jewelry vending machines. They buy all their 'bling' or 'heavy shit' with money stolen from their parents or 5-year-olds which they beat up, money found on the floor, or from drug dealing and their girlfriends' prostitution, which brings me onto the female of the species.

Female townies tend to be named after dolls, or celebrities such as 'Britney' or 'Jordan' (Americans, Jordan is a page 3 model famous for her massive big tits). There are two types of female townie. There is the Stripy Pink Townie and the Half Naked Townie. The stripy pink townie wears a white tracksuit top with 'Babe' on the front in bright pink text with pink stripes down the sleeves, and cheapest of the cheap matching white jogging bottoms with pink stripes down them, all of this of course, with the cheap white trainers. The half naked townie wears very little. She wears a 2-inch long skirt, knee-high boots and tight bra-tops. They are sluts, and are usually prostitutes. The two types of female have alot of things in common, however. They both wear hoop-earings with a diameter of 2 meters, they both wear cheap makeup and perfume which smells of fresh assjuice, they are all blonde with huge dark roots, even the natural blonde townies have 9-inch roots.

All townies travel in groups of 50 to about 80. They beat up anything which moves, however they don't fight alone, for instance it will take them all to beat up a couple of 7-year-olds and steal their money. There are usually under-10s in the group of townies, usually the sons and daughters of the 11-year-old townies. The offspring will usually see you coming, run back to the group of townies and tell them that you were picking on them, quite basically, they are all little shits. As the big townies start shouting abuse at you, the little townies will usually finish their fathers' sentences with "yeah!", "go on, Gav, beat the shit out of the fucker" or "yer fuckin' dead ya knob 'ed". All townies smoke. It's not an option. The strange creatures seem to live on nicotine rather than oxygen, scientists still want to investigate this, but they can't get too close to capture a townie without getting spat at or beat up. If you hear "WHAT YOU WALKIN' AWAY FOR?", "WHAT YOU FUCKIN' LOOKIN' AT?" or "DON'T YOU FUCKIN' IGNORE ME!", it is a good chance that within 30 seconds, you will be chased by a bunch of 50 or so male townies on bikes which they got for Christmas when they were 5 years old, spitting and swearing. Townies never actually beat anyone up, but they spit and throw things so be warned.
"Oreet Gav ma bruv, innit!"
"Oreet Matty!"
"I dealt some of ma shit today to dese mothafuckas and i used tha dough to buy dis fuckin gold ring!"
"Whoa, that shit's heavy, bruv!"
"Yeah look, the gold fuckin rubs off in case ya want it to be silver!"
"That's fuckin heavy shit bruv!"
by Arran December 04, 2004

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The word 'console war' came about when a little competition broke into a petty argument caused by Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft fanboys all hurling insults at each others' consoles. The console war has caused a lot of people to fall out.
Fanboys treat the console war as if it's a real war.
An argument between three types of fanboy:

"Nintendo is for kids!"
"Yeah, well Sony copied Nintendo's Gameboy with it's PSP!"
"Yeah! Well Microsoft are the richest company ever!"
by Arran January 03, 2005

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1) An awesome, expensive car.
2) A type of sword once used by pirates.
1) On ride with Funkmaster Flex they fixed TMac up with a Cutlass!

2) Argh, walk the plank or I ive ye a second butthole with me cutlass!
by Arran January 03, 2005

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Person who overuses abbreiviated words so no one knows what they are talking about. They think that it is cool but it just makes them seem like grammatically challanged idiots!

Txt Talkers are usually townies or adolescent females between the ages 13 and 18.
omfg tday i sw tht grl frm the mgzne shes sch a fckn btch i fckn wsh i cud just go ovr thr n giv her a fckn slp rite ax her fce!
by Arran October 23, 2004

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