A series of questions you answer and post in a blog, or website.
I just finished a long survey about me .
by Noelle April 3, 2005
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A super annoying popup that appears on all websites that are linked to a Facebook group. It also appears on sites that let you watch free movies.

The survey will popup and then the screen will go black and you wont be able to do anything unless you answer the survey.
Wow! Look at this pointless Facebook group I could join. *click* *like* *clicks link*

AWWWWW WTF not another survey! Screw my life!!
by Fatories May 6, 2010
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Survey or Surveying is typically used when a person recognizes the qualities in a member of the opposite sex.
Friend: Hey man did you see that chick?
You: Yeah I surveyed that ass.

Friend: Hey did you do any surveying at Wal-Mart today?
You: Naw, didn't see anything I was impressed with

Friend: Hey man you coming to the pool hall?
You: Is there anything worth surveying over here?
by Joseph Thomas & Shaun Ladd March 21, 2006
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What a bunch of shit-eating teenagers post in their equally annoying MySpace blogs and LiveJournal entries. No one ever reads them because no one cares what toothpaste their friends use, but they love filling them out themselves because they think they're hot shit.
"Dude check out that 1000-question survey on my LiveJournal!"

"No thanks, I think I'll study for that big History test instead. Get a life."
by Morbidia May 30, 2005
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An area of a city delineated by major roads, usually larger than a neighbourhood or a block.
Marcel: "I'm going to fish-tail into my survey"
Mizna: "What do you mean, a survey?"
Marcel: "I mean the area around my house, you know, my survey!"
by jwmlab January 28, 2013
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(noun) Surveys are condensed boredom made into the form of tons of pointless questions.

Unprofessional surveys are normally made by people with nothing else better to do.
I just filled out a pointless survey on (insert survey site)!
by Yourname1245 October 6, 2005
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1) A public opinion poll.

2) To measure/inspect.
1) The survey showed that 27% of Americans actually listen to and enjoy disco.

2) He surveyed his new home, eventually deciding that he had been ripped off by the old couple that had previously lived there.

1) Survey says, "You're an idiot."
by Diggity Monkeez January 19, 2005
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