An epic name given to an Asian. Because of its similarities in sounding to "panda," many nicknames can be given to this person.
Kung Fu Pandu
by EpicYuki October 5, 2009
dont be Pandu.
by nigum777 November 23, 2021
Cutest man in the world. Kind hearted. Extremely funny and he's that you'd love to have in your life as a friend/boyfriend.

He deserves gifts everytime.
OMG! Pandu is so cute!!
by THE_. DON November 22, 2021
by Rehan Eka Pratiwi November 23, 2021
a known femboy pimp in the world of swcw, and promiment politica figure in the "swcw" sexuality and religion
"wow @just pandu has so many femboys, really impressive collection."
by bwompppp November 4, 2021