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An online place where people can anonymously torment people by asking them uncomfortable questions.
Tina- I was on formspring yesterday and this jerk asked me all kinds of sleezy questions

Lisa- Can I see?

Tina- yah, go to hobobobette's profile
by Ihearturbandictonary April 24, 2010
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Website for cowards who are afraid to say stuff to people face to face so they find comfort in talking crap behind the anonymity the site provides.
Dude1: Man I'm so tired of these punk asses talking crap on formspring, they need to grow some balls and say shit to my face!

Dude2: Thats why I don't have one
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the most retarded website ever created that acts as the biggest source for online shit-talking and drama. people who use it are just looking for another way to have their name on the tip of other peoples tongues. it is most popular among teenage girls ranging from 13-19 years who feel the need to know if/who is talking about them. this leads to multiple anonymous questions asked by perverts or people just looking to cause problems. in return, this leads to approximately 10.5 million girls crying on keyboards at least 2-3 times a week for a minimum of 1 hour if not more. do the math ladies and gentlemen. thats a lot of tears... and bullshit. end result; most accounts end up being deactivated by users.
15yr old girl: *calls bf, crying* omggg! this person on formspring said they heard i blew 3 guys at that party last weekend and asked me if it was true! now its all over the school and everyone thinks im a slut!

16yr old boy: its formspring.. what were you expecting to happen? but yea, i already heard about it in 5th period study...................... soo did you?
by wkmmlfkc March 27, 2011
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A website where the user is allowed to create a page, purposely used to accept questions by any anonymous person. Many pussy-ass bitches who are too afraid to ask these questions in real life use formspring to ask them in fear of the person. These pussy-ass bitches feel safety even after asking these questions, trusting formspring to save their identity, thus saving their lives.
"Where can I find a pussy-ass bitch?"

"Go to formspring!"
by yeahbebes January 28, 2010
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A place on the World Wide Web that has been recently popularized by the phenomenon known as "Facebook". People ask anonymous questions to a user, where the user will post answers to questions on his/her profile. It is this anonymity that many people find attractive. Because of this Formspring is an outlet for the depravity of man to go wild. Anyone could ask any question or any comment. This usually boils down to asking about one's sexual history or bashing the character of the person.

Formspring Person who replies: "YOU SUCK"
by baby gurll!!! February 25, 2011
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a formspring is a personal website where one can ask others questions, be it anonymous or not. TCUB (thecomeupboard) is very fond of trolling formsprings and asking very rude questions and demanding n00dz.
Girl1: ugh who the hell is TCUB? they just asked me on my formspring if i took hard black cock in the ass?!?

Girl2: ughhh idk but theyre sooo annoying. i checked my formspring this morning and got "TCUB DEMANDS N00DZ" and "TITS OR GTFO" people are rude.
by TCUBALLDAY February 24, 2010
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