Questionnaire that is usually given online, associated with a code on one's store, or restaurant bill. There may be valuable prizes given for filling out a receipt survey.
She didn't usually consider taking receipt surveys because she figured, "yeah, like I'm gonna win anything". The first time she bothered to take a receipt survey she didn't win anything.
by Quadropheniac73 September 30, 2009
an insufficient way to waste time by letting random people know about you life, somthimes often putting in personal problems that nobody want to hear about. Founder: Sarah Palin
by hardcorexxgrind January 3, 2009
One who is crazy about filling out Myspace/Facebook surveys.
Ty: Woman, you're survey crazy.
Jasmine: Get off my nuts.
by Maximz September 3, 2009
An annoying link, a BIG lie, and hypnotic text, all in one!
Must... not... click...
by Zach G. November 1, 2003
survey myspace

What self-absorbed cunts and fags post on myspace bulletins.
Myspace Survey
1. what do you hear in the background right now?
lol....the tv....lolz
2.would you kiss the last person you kissed?
by Tron2490 July 7, 2008
a survey symbol is placed over an opponent's face so that they may be surveyed. not to be confused with a target sign, or rifle scope crosshairs.
the assassin confused the survey symbol with a target sign and shot the opponent in the brain.
by peteopetes January 11, 2011
Intrusive 24-page survey that Americans will be required by the Census Bureau to fill out every year. It asks questions such as how many bathrooms you have in your house and how many miles you travel to work.

It's mandatory and you can be fined $100 per question for not answering.
When I received my American Community Survey, I crumpled it up and threw it away.
by shadowhawk September 27, 2004