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A website that people go on for one of the following reasons:

1. They need relationship/ medical advice
2. They are too much of a stupid fuck to use Google.
3. To troll various sections to piss the 35 year old's who live in their mom's basement
4. To go on Polls and Surveys to have social interactions with the no-life losers of the section.
EL OH EL! I'm going to R&S to ask a question about seeing Jesus in my pancake and burning it! Can't wait for the Holy rollers to freak!

I have 12 warts on my vagina! No way should I be sensible and see a doctor, I have Yahoo Answers!!!!

I truly love all of my "contacts" that I talk to on Formspring and message!!!!!!

by Peanutbutterfudge December 22, 2010
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Polls and Surveys is a section on Yahoo Answers, like the person who defined P&S said. It use to be a lot of fun. Avi games USE to be popular. Users treat their "contacts" like "friends". Its also known for insecure 13 year old girls who go on google and find a pic of a "pretty girl" and set that as their avatar to get attention, because in real life they're ugly and/or have no friends. Then they get busted because their pics never change, or someone sees it on google. Now its a bunch of stupid ass losers who can't take a joke. If you don't have a Formspring, you're a P&S loser. Most of the cool people left...

Actually everyone on there is a loser, but at least some of them are funny losers.
LOL, OMG, I can't believe Bree was fake!!!

You need to make a Formspring!!!! I need to waste life talking to you, because you're a stranger who live 762354672 miles away!!!

*inserts sexual innuendo here*

I can't wait to post stupid questions in Polls & Surveys about how cool my contacts are!
by Peanutbutterfudge December 22, 2010
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