Boys don't go cheating on this one she'll cut your ball sack off
Fred: oh man tony I cheated on bree

Tony: bad decision
Fred: I know right she cut my balls off
by 🌏💖 December 19, 2016
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Bree is a girl who is unforgettable. She lights up a room right when she walks in to it. Bree is the girl everyone dreams to be. She's a goddes and is truly amazing. She makes guys drool. Everyone wants to hang out with her and talk to her. She isn't the popular girl, she's the under study for the popular girl. Sure she isn't perfect but she's still worth it. She is a drama queen at times but she gets over it.
1. Dude, look it's Bree
by LoveMeLIkeYouDo January 12, 2015
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Am amazing person, she is unique and very beautiful inside and out. She may not think it but she is the most awsome person ever. She is the most selfless person ever and she will always be by your side.
She is definitely a Bree
Dude, I think your a Bree
by Kaajsab2006 May 2, 2018
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Bree is the greatest girlfriend you will ever have. Bree makes everything so much better. Bree makes you so so so so so so so so happy. You want to be with Bree every second of the day. Bree is the person you truly love. You always miss Bree when you aren't with her. Bree cares for you. Bree is beyond beautiful. Bree is indescribable. Bree is amazing. Your love will never run out on Bree. Bree is the one.
Bree is my love.
by michaelistheend February 18, 2019
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Bree talks a lot. She also laughs a lot. Sometimes she laughs too much.
Bree is laughing again
by blackfrog22 April 5, 2016
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A Bree- a girl who makes you feel different and special, she never knows how beautiful she really is and can change you, a girl you love.
"Bree, I love you"
by Broken_jett May 3, 2018
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A girl who makes you feel incredible inside
the one who gives you hope again
the one who makes you realize that life is worth it.
A Bree is the one who gives you a second chance when you tossed the first one out the window without completely comprehending what you had just done.
Guy 1:Man....i just feel like giving up.
i feel like theres no point anymore.
Why am i even standing here, right now?
Whats really stopping me?
Guy 2: You need to find your Bree, just like i did.
by Anon1700 March 2, 2011
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