Polls and Surveys. More specifically, the Polls and Surveys section of Yahoo Answers. This section is one of the most laid back sections on the whole website. There you can find out things as informative as "Who will win the 2008 election?" Or something as silly as "Boxers or Briefs?" Just about anything goes in P&S, but as a consequence, regulars of the section have lost the ability to gain Top Contributor status. That's okay. The most loyal P&S users will not allow anything like a silly orange badge keep them from their other loyal friends.

See also their rival section Religion and Spirituality(R&S).
What should I ask in P&S today? I think I will ask a series of "would you rather" questions, and finish with a nice "This or that question" Then I will extend the answering period to a week, and let the voters pick the Best Answer. Ia m twelve after all and cannot be bothered with such silly matters as choosing my own Best Answer.
by Angelica Bowman(PCB) November 29, 2007
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Photographic term meaning Point & Shoot.
Usually applied to digital cameras
Which is the best P&S camera available to take indoor shots of my grandkids?
by IanYates July 6, 2005
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P/S Is a group of "Punk slash Skaters" from Maple Valley Washington. Members of P/S just dont give a shit about anything hella. They follow a strict moral code called the 10 ComBAMents, named after their religous leader, pro skater and p/s idol, Bam MUTHA FU***N MARGERA.
Nikka u see dem tags at shadow?, they wuz dope. Yeah fool, dem P/S niggaz r crazy as hell.
by Y ot March 6, 2008
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{abbreviation of power shit};to take a shit that makes you drowsy;a shit so bad your stomach cramps up. Proper terminology to use in mixed company or an office environment.
Dude...I have to take a huge p/s!
by Cowski July 15, 2008
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P&S means Post & Support. This is used in forums. When asking someone to P&S you want them to post in your topic and support it (obviously).
Guy 1: Hey man! Have you seen my topic on our Clans Forums?
Guy 2: Yeah, it looks good.
Guy 1: P&S Please
Guy 2: Sure
by JohnnyTwinkletoes May 14, 2009
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You're all fags for talking about his dick. p and s.
by TourrettesGuy4ever April 6, 2008
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A fucktard who likes to put spaces in between every letter in a word.
"M y n a m e i s s p a s m a n d I ' m a f u c k i n g m o r o n"
by Cunt McBag December 31, 2004
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