Petrie is a mostly residential suburb in the Moreton Bay Regional Council, South East Queensland, Australia. It is also just 30 minutes north of Brisbane. Petrie is the best suburb to live in, as it's in-between many major business districts, including 2 Westfield shopping centres, but further enough to escape from all the fucking North Lakes rich try hards, gang stabbers in Kallangur, and old pedophiles in Lawnton.

The Petrie business district is located at the famous roundabout - Petrie Roundabout. It consists of cafes, fast food, medical, and shopping. The Petrie Roundabout provides only basic shopping/eating. However, it is easy and quick to drive or use public transport to get to the beach, shopping centres, city, restaurants, cafes etc.

One of the best things about Petrie is that although it has easy access to city life, many areas throughout the suburb are right on the edge of bush land, lakes, the Pine River, huge parks and nature reserves. It is quite easy to walk from one side of Petrie to the next. There are many interesting walks that can be explored as well.
Petrie (Pea-tree)
by winksed January 09, 2011
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Derived from the word 'petri dish' - To think on a small scale or selfishly; Disappointing or unfulfilling action made by friend or group friends
Dude she only brought beer for herself and always bums cigarettes, what a fn petrie
by JFnM May 29, 2011
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