May be used as a compliment to express how beautiful a person is, unbelievable.
@user1: Taehyung is so beautiful, he's not real I'm crying :(
@retroBTSus: He is real don't lie to people they think this is not real and photoshoop you don't love V >:◇
by dontatmethanks September 30, 2018
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1)Really, I'm not lying, seriously
2)You serious? Really? You telling the truth
1)Yo I tore up that pink cookie dawg on the real
2)Yo Carlos got locked up again
On the real?
by da_preach August 23, 2003
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Real-world reality, as opposed to TV or movie reality.
What he did with that car was not movie real, man. It was real real -- through the fence, over the approach and into a barn. No shit. And he walked away.
by wordguy2 April 12, 2010
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