A person who is white and exhibits views and actions similar to those of the President of the United States who is, ironically, orange, rather than white.
"Dude did you hear Darryl's a white supremacist?"
"Yeah, doesn't he think all Mexicans are rapists or drug smugglers? And that everyone from the Middle East is a terrorist?"
"Yeah, he's a fuckin' idiot."
by theactualtrashcan September 23, 2019
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A person who believes that blacks are surpreme to all other ethnicities
Hebrew Israelites are common black supremacist
by Mdallday107 March 2, 2015
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A man who thinks his taste in asses is the best. Often there is a racist connotation e.g. he sees a fat and round ass as inherently grotesque and something only minorities could be aroused by. Also known as an ass elitist.
Guy 1: Wow, look at that fine woman over there, her ass is so fat and amazing.
Ass supremacist: You like that man? That's fucking gross. You got black in your dna bud, by any chance?
Guy 2: Ignore that racist prick, he's an ass supremacist.
by Mr. Grose August 31, 2019
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A person who thinks iPhone is superior
TikTok: "makes iPhone mic quality better than Android on purpose"

Android users: "Pathetic children"

IPhone Supremacist: A person who thinks iPhones are better than Android
by DiamondDeniz595 September 5, 2020
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Self righteous environmental fascists who believe they are disciples of earth mother.
All the good parking spots were reserved for the green supremacists in the car share program.
by Sven55 April 14, 2014
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Anyone or any ideal that is against the left or left wing propaganda. 99.9% of the time that person, group or idea isn't a white supremacist or has anything to do with white supremacy, but the left sure is peddling the propaganda.
He supports Trump so he's definitely a white supremacist.
by Nyxxit April 29, 2022
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