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1. An ethnocentric person who sees their person morals and/or a group's morals that he/she identifies with as superior to any other groups morals. So Superior that they support ethnocentric policies promote their morals at the expense of everyone else's moral views. Moral Supremacist reject cultural pluralism and are eager to engage in cultural warfare in the public political arena to quash any form of dissent against their social agenda.
The Moral Supremacist was upset when he heard that his daughter would learning about Sexual Education that he ran for his town's school board to purge it from the local school's curriculum
by Libertatis November 16, 2014
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A formerly useful term that has been hijacked to mean someone who doesn't support Democrats or the woke racial agenda
Voter 1: "Did you know that 1/3 of Hispanics and 15% of African Americans didn't vote for Terry McAuliffe"
Voter 2: "That makes all of them white supremacists"
by MickeyNight November 16, 2021
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One who believes that their beliefs are superior to others and should therefore dominate society, and be the only ones allowed to speak.
That politician is a Left Supremacist, because they used their Attorney General to brand parents Terrorists, because parents disagree with schools teaching racist ideologies to their children.
by The Big Tasty January 15, 2022
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A skinny little white guy with a overblown inferiority complex who for some strange reason known only to psychology experts thinks the Caucasian race is superior to every other. Being on average of a height between 5"7 and 5"9, and weighing in at around 145-160lb these dumb fucks will gladly (and foolishly) take on any 6"2" Islander one on one, only to end up in the ER within 15 minutes pissing blood from every orifice.
Those white supremacists are dumbasses! They go on about how the white race is both physically and intellectually superior to every other, then they take on some black guy twice their size and prove otherwise.
by johnnylongprong April 5, 2009
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Anyone who is not a Radical Insane Leftist. Also see: Nazi, Fascist, Racist, Nicki Minaj
Get that Racist, Nazi, Fascist White Supremacist!! He voted for TRUMP!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
by Taaxi September 22, 2021
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A person who makes a lot of money in the stock market when they're not supposed to.
White supremacists caused the bankruptcy of Melvin Capital by buying GameStop stock.
by CrispasNary January 28, 2021
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A person, regardless of sex, who believes that men are superior to women.
Usually a male supremacist believes that men are physically stronger and more intelligent than women.
Male supremacist often support their claim with the fact that our society was mostly built by men and most things have been invented by men.
Lisa used to be a feminist, but then she became a male supremacist.
by September 23, 2017
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