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19 definitions by Simmaniac

The Space Needle is a landmark and tourist attraction in Seattle, Washington, United States.

It was built for the World Expo fair in 1962, along with the monorail system, providing transit from the Seattle Center to Westlake, a downtown shopping mall (which was built later and attached to the monorail). It was designed to look like a UFO (except they hadn't mastered the flying in one place part). When it was built, it was the tallest building in Seattle.

The Space Needle has a revolving restaurant inside the top, and an observation desk above. Inside the area of the observation deck is the gift shop and coin-operated telescopes. The observation deck was remodeled recently to add a revolving solid glass floor, which is great for those with fear of heights to look down from, and even better for the braver ones to take selfies on. The top floor is 520 feet high.

If you really want to know the rest, you can Google the Space Needle's website.
On New Years Eve 2021, due to pandemic restrictions, instead of the usual fireworks show the Space Needle put on a virtual light show that was only viewable online.
by Simmaniac January 13, 2021
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In health insurance, it refers to a health plan with such a high deductible (the amount that you pay out of pocket before the plan pays anything) that it will only be likely to cover you in the case of a serious health catastrophe such as heart surgery, cancer, or an accident requiring multiple procedures and surgery.
Catastrophic coverage is less expensive than other plans, but you get what you pay for.
by Simmaniac November 10, 2018
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An insurance term that means the amount of money that you have to pay before the insurance company pays anything.
If your deductible is 500 but the damage to your vehicle is 75, you pay all 75 dollars, because the 75 is less than your deductible.
by Simmaniac November 10, 2018
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Federal taxes that are taken out of your paycheck before you get paid if you live in the United States or work for a US company. Usually refers to payroll taxes that are reported on IRS form 941.
The employer matches the employee's share of FICA tax except for the income tax withheld.
by Simmaniac January 13, 2021
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Someone who believes that guns are sacred, unborn babies are more sacred than born babies (especially born babies who are minorities, children of immigrants, or in a poor family), and corporations are people but should not be taxed like people. They also support low taxes for the rich, and higher taxes for everyone else to pay for the reduced taxes on the rich. They also support Trump no matter how badly he acts, and wouldn't impeach him if he murdered someone.
Republicans won the Senate this midterm, but Democrats won the House.
by Simmaniac September 22, 2019
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a) The act of trying to prevent something or a material that is not affected by something.

b) A militant armed organization interested in overturning the rule of law.
The cold weather jacket was rated for wind resistance.

The Resistance succeeded in destroying the Death Star.
by Simmaniac January 13, 2021
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A Neo-Nazi is one who believes those who have light skin and light hair are the master race. They believe whites are better than any other ethnic group, including Jews who look white. This is white supremacist propaganda.

They are Nazis in the modern era, and believe Hitler should have won World War 2. Since they believe in white supremacy and the inferiority of any other race, they justify mistreatment of other races, whether it be spreading hate speech, creating modern day concentration camps for non-whites, advocating police brutality towards non-whites, or deliberately denying non-whites the right to open-carry.

In a nutshell, like Hitler, they are EVIL people, avoid at all costs. They are also skilled at hand-picking religious texts for non-contextual justification for their actions. The less publicity they get, the better.
The National Socialist Movement is a Neo-Nazi organization.
by Simmaniac January 13, 2021
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