Someone who firmly believes that the website Reddit is the only good social platform on the internet and that anyone who uses any other platform is unoriginal, close-minded, unintelligent, and inherently inferior to them.
Person 1: Someone in my English class called me a normie after I opened Instagram on my phone. I have never even spoken to him before.
Person 2: That's a Reddit Supremacist.
by Unfunny Guy October 8, 2020
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Hetero supremacist is an adjective that describes a person who is at the highest level of homophobia. People who are hetero supremacists never have friends who are of the GLBT community and often make hurtful comments or slurs about the GLBT community knowing it will be offensive. If they have family who identify with the GLBT community, they are likely to disown those family members. These types of homophobes only listen to stereotypes and never seek out real information about the GLBT community. They are often people who seek out to take away rights from gays and lesbians and feel superior to the gay community.

Some hetero supremacists are: Maggie Gallagher (National Organization of Marriage), Mike Huckabee (U.S. Politician), Sarah Palin (Former U.S. Politician), The Westboro Baptist Church, and The Catholic Church.
Tom: I never have friends who are gay because I feel I'm better than them.

Chris: You're really acting like a hetero supremacist and it's disgusting. I can't be you're friend anymore.
by Schoolboy21 September 15, 2010
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A person (most likely a man) who flaunts his only somewhat redeeming quality of being above average in height, likely to compensate for the lack of other qualities. Height supremacists do not like statistics, and they tend to refer to anyone below their height as a manlet (check definition for evidence of this).
Person: Apparently the average height in the U.S. is between 5'9" and 5'10".
Chad (height supremacist): hahahaha bro what? that's manlet status. average is around 6'3" imo
by fuckyoufuckyoufuckyoufuckyou September 17, 2017
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A vaccinated person who believes that only the vaccinated are safe and willfully discriminates against people who are unvaccinated regardless of their beliefs or medical history and must be excluded from society.
Vaxx supremacists held a counter rally against the people protesting for freedom of choice when it comes to vaccines.
by Undefinition September 27, 2021
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An Asian who believes that it is their god given right to be smarter than other ethnicities just because of the common stereotype that Asians are smart.

Note 1: This only applies to the Asians who believe that they can conquer any intellectual challenge without putting in the necessary work. This does not apply to Asians who work to get to were they are in life.

Example: An Asian who believes that they deserve to be in AP classes (college level courses) just because of their ethnicity although they may not be good enough student.

Defined by MDK
1"She is such an asian supremacist, she asked for the math test to be moved to an earlier date, and she doesn't even plan to study for it"


Asian B student: What math class do you plan to take next year?
White A student: Just Honors calculus.
Asian B student: Wow, you must really suck at calculus, I'm taking AP Calculus

White A student: No, I just don't want to overload myself
Asian B student: *I deserve to be in AP Calculus more than that piece of white trash*
by Revosok March 11, 2017
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A cursed ventriloquist dummy fucked an expired jar of mayonnaise and gave birth to a white supremacist named Tucker Carlson.
by cuckertarlson October 17, 2020
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a title that twitter they/thems give you when you say something they disagree with.
"All gamers are white supremacists, and thats a fact" - FerociouslySteph
by Rysetk October 23, 2020
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