A person who believes that blacks are surpreme to all other ethnicities
Hebrew Israelites are common black supremacist
by Mdallday107 March 2, 2015
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an Asian racist who hates white people but loves black people
im an Asian black supremacist
by Thecoolersquidward January 16, 2021
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A condition framed by Dave Chappelle: A black person (usually blind and living in the south) who has been taught white supremacy propaganda by his/her white braille teacher. The subject has been taught to hate the black race despite the fact that he/she is, in fact, black. A true, living oxymoron.
Dat Black, White Supremacist is really gettin on my nerves Jimbo and Cooter, but he's good for the cause.
by Dingosour November 29, 2011
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Ben Carson is the latest to endorse Donald Trump. He's now a true black white supremacist.
by thedocreport March 13, 2016
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