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A person who believes right-handed people are superior to left-handed people and the ambidextrous.
My "Right" supremacist elementary school teacher forced me to stay inside during recess until I stopped writing with my left hand.
by Renegade0894 October 9, 2012
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An individual belonging to the male species who incorrectly believes he is superior to females and consequently takes actions to suppress his female counterpart. Such individuals live in a fantasy world for if it wasn't for the female gender, kings would not exist. Male and females are equals.
It is absurd how some males live in a delusional world believing they are the better sex. Unbeknown to them, females are just as capable and worthy. By suppressing, controlling and engaging in sexist behaviors, these small populations of male supremacists are proving just the opposite truth. They are going against the notion of universal equality and are thus not the lower sex but the lower form of human.
by GraceWilliams July 27, 2010
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Gatekeeping Sapphics that believe lesbians are better than everyone; predominantly found on twitter
She’s an Sapphic Supremacist, so she believes lesbians are the best of the best
by Bonedigger February 7, 2022
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Noun- a person who believes that a particular group, determined by political affiliation is intellectually and morally superior and should therefore dominate society

Adjective- supporting the belief that a particular political group is intellectually and morally superior and should therefore dominate society.
Gun rights activists are typically referred to as political supremacists by their radical left Marxist counterparts.
by MisterWill April 3, 2021
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A jealous person's definition of people who take care of themselves by exercising and eating healthy.
Look at you and your six packs and big arms. Are you a body supremacist?
by rerunontherun January 14, 2020
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An iniquitist who believes that unregulated monopolies and special tax breaks for ultra-rich crony capitalist mega-donors will somehow trickle down to benefit the working class. Usually coupled to the view that the wealthy are morally superior to everybody else.
The Republican tax bill is a swirling tornado of wealth supremacist delusions
by Goofball2020 December 18, 2017
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