Someone who milks a joke . If the banter is coming to an end and someone tries to ignite it again with a poor joke they are officially a milk
Brian stop being a milk
by Ronsludgagte July 04, 2017
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Something my dad is still looking for to this day.
David- Where’s your dad?
Johnny- Oh, um... he’s b-buying milk right now
David- Really? My dad is too.
Johnny- Do you want me to get the ice cream?
David- Y-yeah.
by no, luv❤️ April 26, 2020
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A beverage that the parent of a certain avetard wants his son to consume everyday but his son is drinking everything except milk. Usually when the avetards have milk in the avetard fridge, it will end up extremely spoiled because nobody will touch it or throw it out. It will also stink up the whole fucking apartment and will leave a permanent stench.
I opened the avetard fridge to get some milk and it was so spoiled so I checked the expiration date and it had expired three months ago.
by TurnM3Up December 10, 2019
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To extract the most out of a situation. An abbreviated version of “milk it for all it’s worth
John : “Sharon has been making my breakfast ever since she heard that my pet rat died.”
Mike: “Milk it.”
by funkyweasle August 06, 2011
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taking more time or advantage than you're really due because you can get away with it. Short for "milking it for all it's worth."
Sara's at home taking care of her sick boyfriend. Hasn't he had that cold for two weeks? Yeah, he's milking it.

Isn't Bill back from that job yet? Still gone, he must be milking it.

Is Johnnie still crying--she hardly hit him? Oh, he's milking it.
by Scott ATL March 13, 2013
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