the tension felt between two people who want to do something sexual together but hold back.
i so felt the sexual tension between you and rufio yesterday.
by erin May 5, 2004
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When two people wanna have sex but can't, for a variety of reasons - already in a long-term relationship; it would look improper to date a co-worker; or simply, they're both too shy.
"Hey there's a lot of sexual tension between Gus and Wendy."

"Yeah, tension's all. Gus is married and Wendy's his boss."
by Wordzdown December 11, 2009
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When your pokemon card collection has become to big to hide from your girlfriend.
There were was a lot of sexual tension in my house today.
by Merkilo March 26, 2007
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the sexual tension between naruto and sasuke
by yinsu February 5, 2021
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when people like each other but cant go out for various reasons
Char and Dom have major sexual tension :P
by misslippy January 2, 2010
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The scene in captain america:the winter soldier where Steve Rogers pushes Natasha Romanoff against the wall in the hospital. Or the car scene after the escalator scene or the scene in Sam’s house where the two of them are talking about trust.
Omg did you see the sexual tension between steve and natasha here?
by ~m_ April 4, 2020
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