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Derived from the word "projects" which are the broken down slums of cities and towns. Crime, gangs, drugs and poverty run rampant in them.

"Science projects" refer to such neighborhoods with a strong concentration of meth labs and crack houses. Any drug that is cooked/refined instead of just being grown and smoked (weed).

It's a play off of the stereotypical science project we had to do in school. Both are playing with chemicals but one is a group of kids trying to get a decent grade while the other is a bunch of sleazy criminals aiming for some money or a fix.
"Did you see those five sketchy guys outside that broken down house??? I think they're dealers"

"Yeup, this looks like the science projects"
by u_no_imright January 16, 2012
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The joke that Snoop Dogg coined towards Bruce Jenner as he revealed to be a Glen/Glenda as I applied the joke to the glorified woman beater Fallon Fox aka Boyd who some said "He may had his pecker cut off but his bone structure gives him away. And GLAAD you can bite my crank as I am contributing this to UrbanDictionary, I suggest you click on donut-puncher, meatspin and every other shock site one would find.
Twitter exploded in a combination of rage and howls over Snoop Dog's controversial "science project" barb at the high profile Glen/Glenda.
by ilinoishorrorman January 18, 2018
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