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The solace did little to take my mind off the loss.
by Jakabones April 15, 2006
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Generally a pretty solid day. By the time Thursday rolls around, you are more than half-way done with the standard 5 day work/school week. Thursday's have a way of comforting many before exciting weekends.
I like Thursdays, something about em.
by Jakabones August 13, 2006
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The high school in the Olathe School district with a strange fetish towards getting in fights, picking fights, or talking about fights.
Holy crap, I don't know what I see more of at Olathe South-Potheads, or fights.
by Jakabones January 14, 2006
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-Whats the Guru Gabi Singh?
-Nothing much, boring day.
by Jakabones January 14, 2006
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Your third year of high school. Junior year means you are finally an upperclassman, after two years of crap at the sophomore and freshman ranks. However, as a junior, you still aren't the top dogs in the school, and still have another year to take orders from older douchebags. Junior year marks the beginning of the second half of your high school career...Good Luck.
Junior year is like playing the role of Robin for a whole school year.
by Jakabones August 13, 2006
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Often known in the Christian religion as Sunday's understudy. A generally normal day. Often called Hump Day, because of it's location in the middle of the week, and by the time Wednesday is done, the week is on a down hill roll.
Wednesday's aren't so bad, they are just to much in the middle of things.
by Jakabones August 13, 2006
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