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What is a Liam?
A Liam is an amazing character, if you're ever lucky enough to meet one. Not mainstream, not even so ridiculously anti-mainstream that he's mainstream, (*cough* hipsters), but he's a genuinely amazing person, and a great one to have as a friend. If you love a Liam, you're a lucky person. If a Liam loves you back, you're even luckier.

Liam's tend to be hilarious, open-minded, modest, loveable, respectful, and sees all the amazing things about you that you don't. Unfortunately poor Liam doesn't see the amazing things about himself, so you might need to help him out.

Liam's are also ladies-men. This, is always a plus (Y)
"Oh my gosh! i think he's a Liam!"
by snoɯʎuopǝnsd April 28, 2012
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The hottest and most sexiest guy out there. Also very nice and sweet. To the girl that has a liam, your probably going to last a long time because he is the sweetest yet hottest guy with an amazing body, lucky!
by asdfghjklzxcvbnm12 October 11, 2011
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An amazing person who has alot of feelings for others and wants whats best for his loved ones.very caring and kind towards people has a heart. Always there, extremly loveable and one too keep,one who most people love and admiree as much as i do too. someone to change your life for the best,if you have got a liam keep on too him because if hes as amazing as the one i have got you will never get another like him, i am writing this for many liams but truely and honestly i only know one like this and one that i love even though he may not realise it hes the best thing i could have and life wouldnt be worth living if he wasnt in this world i love him lots and if you find you have met a liam like this then i suggest you dont let go yet cause you have got one special thing in your hands...
by sboo:P January 13, 2011
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the most non-obvious soul mate. you've known him your whole life but never realized how hot hes become. and when you finally come around hes already there, waiting to love you. he will become one of your best friends. the kind of friend that you can go so long without seeing but its like you were never apart. you just want to make him yours before someone else does. he loves to the fullest. and he has awesome hair.
girl: Liam is my soul mate

best friend: you havent seen him in like six months
by this is my real name March 30, 2013
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An extremely handsome and highly intelligent guy. A Liam is never to be underestimated. Though at times a bit of a badass and tough around the edges, he has a soft and sweet inside. Beware though, because he is a definite lady's man. A Liam breaks many hearts without even trying. Liam's are also highly artistic and musically inclined. They can accomplish anything they set out to do.
Woah.. you better watch out. That's a Liam you're talking about.
by IknowLiamandHerocks December 02, 2011
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liam is usally a name given to someone who is caring and positive about everything. they're usally quiet and restricted untill they're around friends. they have the most amazing eyes and a smile that will lighten your heart. he can be so lovable but is always up for a great time, liam is also very smart and suceeds in everything they do. if your lucky enough to have a liam in your life, dont let him go
"hey have you see tha guy over there?"
"wow! he must be a liam
by childwall 2008 March 16, 2013
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Liam is a slang term used for the coolest genre of nerds. A Liam tends to be late to social trends, being somewhat of a reverse hipster. Someone who is a Liam is the kind of person who would spend hours and hours on end either on the computer or obsessing about some sort of technology. He/She who could be considered a Liam is not fully open to allowing people into the "inner sanctum" that they exist within. Think of a Liam as someone slowly leaving their shell and entering the social world. He or She may wish to spend time alone, but is not against spending quality time with their friends. The important bit about Liams is that they are often intelligent, and not afraid to show it. It is also tested and approved that there are numerous Liam's who would be willing to watch things like YouTube or Netflix for hours on end.

Important qualities of a Liam include somewhat narcissism, large amounts of pride, yet very little lust or envy. They tend to, due to their time as a recluse, form different stages of depression, but they mask this by hanging out with their friends. These are the people who want to make more friends, yet always face their own personal issues,
Guy 1: Man, do you see that guy? He's such a freak.
Guy 2: Nah, bruh, he's actually a Liam. You should meet him, he's really cool.
Guy 1: I didn't know that. I'll go talk with him now.
Guy 2: Not now, he's probably watching Netflix again.
by SwiggitySwagelGimmeABagel March 03, 2015
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