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anyone against big business and their constant exploits to destroy all wholesome american society has left with propaganda, rigged government events, etc......most true punks are a part of this group, also metalheads
the corporations have taken over
we must overcome
we are many
and they are one
we must fight
or they will win
this means war
against their anti-american sins
by brad November 27, 2003
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People that have a dislike or hatred towards large organizations such as corporations, large government, etc. Very often these people have little understanding of business and assume that simply because a corporation is big that they are evil or the administrators are corrupt and immoral because obviously the pursuit of prosperity and success through hard work and good decision making blackens one's soul. These people are often involved in a subculture group (i.e. punk, hippie, hacker/
culture jammer) which encourages their participants to all have the same opinions.
"Hey, did you hear that anti-corporate indy band that played last night? They totally hate George Bush."

"Yes, I hate corporations and George Bush, too. They suck!"

"Sweet, that's totally what I think, too. Want to start a punk band?"

"Sure, dude!"
by SalientAlien April 09, 2005
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