when you post something on social media without tagging the person that it's about.
taken from twitter (subtweet) and spread to other social media platforms.
Ana: Did you see Rachel's snapchat story?
Brianna: Yeah, she totally subbed me. She should @ me next time.
by heyo1234567890heyo November 15, 2016
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short for "suboxone" or "subutex" or buprenorphine. the only other drug, besides methadone, that is used to treat opiod dependance. It is legally presecribed in a doctor's office but has been found to be illegally sold and used in recent years.
"can you get any subs"
by brennaa October 27, 2007
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Common reference to a large sandwich often used by people in the North Eastern united states. (Submarine Sandwich)
I think I'm going to have a steak and cheese sub for lunch.
by Mike February 10, 2005
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short for subwoofer, a speaker that drmaticaly increases bass output
damn those subs were pumpin so much bass tha rust flew from his car
by CuznSmoke May 7, 2005
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David Byrne and Bill Nye should drop some acid together and sub for a kindergarten class.
by end times are good times July 12, 2011
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it means subscribe to someone else's youtube account. You will then receive a notification every time they publish a new vid. People try to get more subscribers to their accounts.
- hey sub to me ill sub back

- sub me ill give u 4 subs and sub some of the pl on my channel and they will also sub u so all sub!
by alex alex alex December 10, 2008
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