Anyone less than a United States Marine usually a Seamen, Sailor, or Navy personnel.
She wanted to hookup with a real man in the bar, but there was nothing but soldiers and submarines.
by PJudt December 11, 2009
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A sexual act involving a man eating out a woman's vagina while masturbating. Just before the man cums he looks up at her and when she notices him looking at her he says "Target locked". While the girl is still in confusion he says "Fire Torpedo!" as he jumps up and cums in her face. Then walks away saying "Target Destroyed"
"Kellsi was so surprised when I gave her that submarine for her birthday"
by DJ {Taco} September 15, 2008
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(verb) To get someone drunk without their knowledge or to trick someone into drinking more than they intended.
Sean: Jim what happened to you last night?
Jim: I don't really remember, I think Phil submarined me.
by Redfield04 December 3, 2007
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1.Submersive ship that can sink to great depths and combat other ships. They are used frequently in the military for commandeering guided missles.

2.The Penis when fully erected.
"The Submarine's mapped out the bases coordinates"

*groan*"Aaww, submarine is long and hard and fulla semen"
by Michale Jackson's child February 19, 2006
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When a couple, Man and Woman are sharing a hot tub together. Unknown to the woman, the man is jerking off under the bubbly jets so she cannot see. Just before the man cums, he sticks just the tip above the water and screams "FIRE TORPEDOES!" and blasts on her face, before submerging again.
Oh Fred your Submarine ALWAYS catches me by surprise
by CuddlyCuddleFish March 9, 2011
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