One of the most well known scientists on this side of the moon. He pleses children around the universe in ways us 'mortals' could not possibly comprehend ;)
Bill Nye says: Science is cool!
by Mr. Nye September 1, 2008
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The worlds greaest scientist and the common term used to describe someone who is totally an all around genious/to do very well during academics.
Trevor- Patrick your such a Bill Nye

Patrick- Looks like you pulled a Bill Nye

Bill Nye- I'm Bill Nye
by Quortox September 11, 2008
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A tv series that teachers put on when they can't find anything better to do.
Our teacher put on Bill Nye
by crckhead420 January 30, 2016
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A quack who pretends to be a scientist but is in fact an actor with a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering.
My professor is such a Bill Nye he has no qualifications for the subject he teaches.
by Premo13 May 10, 2016
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Bill Nye, also known as Bull Nye or simply, The Science Guy, is a well known "scientific" figure in today's society. He is quoted as a genius and expert in everything from agriculture to orbital mechanics, while holding no phd and barely even a masters. He often speaks in incoherent sentences. He thinks he is smarter than everybody, especially Christians. Bill Nye hates those guys, and basically anybody affiliated with any religion. Nye says that religion is holding society back, and that the best way to disprove religion is to talk to a religious person for five minutes. Bill Nye is also accredited with causing over 9000 cases of epilepsy in young children. The funniest thing about this guy is his degree, or maybe his face.
Person 1: Bill Nye is the smartest scientist to ever live and I will do whatever he says without question!
Me: *face palm*
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A person who points out the obvious or doesn't understand humor in jokes.
teacher: Whats 2 plus 2?
Student 1: 300!
Student 2: No its actually 4.
Student 1: Nice call Bill Nye
by Tom Ludlow March 28, 2010
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