same as bumpin
bumpin is to describe a person with loud ass subs while pumpin is a person without subs that turn it up loud

loud treble/bass

being used recently in the projects
damn dawg, that foo's car be pumpin.
fo sho homie, sounds decent for not having subs.
by loud speakas July 26, 2006
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"He be pumpin on your block, ya man gave em your glock.."

Nas 1994; Illmatic- One Love
by squarecnix April 29, 2009
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Pronunciation: pOOhmpeen (poo-mpee-n) Pumpin: sing., masc.
Word in croatian language from dubrovnik dialect whitch was borrowed from italian pompino: blowjob.
Mala je dobra na pumpinā. -This girllittle one female is good blowjober.

'Ajde mi učini pumpin. -Come on, give me a blowjob.
Učinila mi je pumpin u autu. -She gave me a blowjob in a car.
by kekistanian123 March 22, 2017
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Awesome, off the chain, dope, bad ass, etc.
I heard that party was crap.

-Naw, man, that shit was mad pumpin'!
by mVal September 15, 2006
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In Queer speak, to walk fiercely from one point to another, as if you were a drag queen or some fabulous supermodel.
Look at Miss Honey, walkin' down the street, pumpin' like Ms. Naomi Campbell! WERK BITCH!!!
by Lola and La Lencha October 14, 2009
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Oral sex where the male does all the work usually pumping his cock at his chosen pace and his chosen depth. Possibly pulling her head by her ears.
Did you get to hook up the mouth pumpins last night?
by V dux August 29, 2007
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like champs
those guidos are fist pumpin' like champs
by j-rob mad fresh May 29, 2010
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