Sorcery devised by Isaac Newton, one of the most prestigious and powerful sorcerers in the world.

The degree of a Calculus major higher than a Ph.D is a Doctorate of Sorcery (S.d)
When you need help in Calculus class you should look to your Sorcerer's Assistant for help.
by CalcS.d March 4, 2011
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legalized torture
The prisoners at Guantanamo Bay were subject to Calculus.

Subjecting people to Calculus should be considered a crime against humanity.
by nousernameidea October 3, 2013
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This is the thing that puts all other maths to shame. It's do-able, just quite difficult.
I used to think math was easy. Then came calculus...
by Mathisfun...notreally March 1, 2011
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Calculus is a type of mathematics. It is very simple, once you learn this simple equation.

Learn Vocabulary+Read Problem+Set Up Problem+Magic=problem solved.
Joe: How'd you do on the Calculus exam?

Steve: It was easy, after I learned the simple equation that makes calculus a cinch.

Joe: Oh yeah, I really like how magic solves the problem
by naylordude424 February 8, 2010
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"Hey, in our Calculus homework, why does the derivative of x^2 = 2x?"
by MikeWatch February 10, 2009
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Calculus is for anyone who ever complained that math isn't useful for anything. Calculus is a branch of mathematics that deals with problems involving changing rates. It has universal applications, finding its way into physics, engineering, medicine, economics, and anything that involves something changing. Calculus commands a great deal of notoreity from students learning it. But, like any form of mathematics, it is all pure logic, and if you understand it, it can be a very beautiful thing.
Newton and Leibniz both developed calculus on there own. Inventing calculus; now how fucking brilliant do you have to be to INVENT calculus? Pretty damn fucking brilliant.
by Fernando Martinez August 13, 2007
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A device thought up by the government to keep high school and college students feeling dumb and therefor keeping them from begining a rebellion.
1: "Down with our capitalist government! Viva la Resistance!"

2: "Sorry, dude. No can do... Failing calculus. Gotta study up."

1: "Mr. President, we feel this generation of high schoolers think they're smart enough to overthrow the government. What is our best course of action?"

2: "Hmm... Raise the national grading scale for calculus."

1: "Brilliant!"
by Andreios April 2, 2009
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