I accidently got some stuff in my partner's eye when I was playing around last night.
by digirampage February 26, 2009
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The real stuffs is the good stuffs, meaning, you know you got the stuffs. When you have the stuffs, then you got the top quality, whether it be green or white, natural or man made, the finest stuffs.
That guys, he sells the real stuffs.
by fbza October 19, 2007
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In reality, it means to fill something, as in the stuffing of a turkey. But in slang (and this is a slang dictionary), it can mean anything that there is in the whole damn world.

Suggestion: do NOT use this when conversing with your Language Arts teacher, they will get very annoyed.
teacher: how do you write a good essay kids?
student: i dunno, you just write some stuff...
by jimbobjoeshmoecheese January 24, 2004
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\stuff\ adj. an expression of approval

synonyms: awesome, sweet, cool, etc.
~Hey, that's so stuff, man!
~Some guy knocked me over.. that ain't stuff at all.
by The Light of Reason February 22, 2005
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One's possessions.
Yo, don't touch my stuff.
by Saints September 26, 2003
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1.) One's expertise, skill an knowledge in a particular subject.
2.) Big fuzzy and or jelly blob.
3.) ...
4.) Padding in fabrics, clothes, and chairs. Various vegtables and bread placed in hollowed out meats.
5.) The act of stuffing, putting in padding and/or food.
6.) With hot in front of stuff, it means totally sweet and or awesome, and or sexy and or hunky.
7.) With the word "right" in front of stuff, it means having skill and knowledge, esp. skill and knowledge in ninjas. Also, some astronaut movie based after some book or something, which is weird, because I don't remember it being about ninjas.
1.) Gee Billy, you know your stuff!
2.) The green stuff of doom ate Billy.
3.) Put that away, Billy!
4.) Billy's cat pulled out all the stuff from the sofa.
5.) I stuffed Billy's mouth with Deep fried Mars Bars.
6.) I think Billy is hot stuff!
7.) Mad props to Billy, who has the right stuff.
by The Great December 14, 2004
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One word to mean them all
(as stated in lord of the stuff ;) )
wow u can actually stuff that stuff into that stuff with out stuffing any stuff up ?
by Stuffie May 15, 2004
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