Let's do stuff!
by frabrizio December 23, 2017
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Dude, I'm going to do stuff with that broad later if she's drunk enough.
by king lenny October 17, 2005
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Doing stuff with people, aka touching body parts, making out, etc.
Travis and Ashely were just doing stuff, they might have even been motor boating.
by the d00d October 22, 2006
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The art of doing or conducting extraneous unnameable activities of any means.
Acquaintance: What do you do for fun?
Me: I Do Stuff
by Uncle Harris May 28, 2019
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A term used by those completely inexperienced in the act of hooking up.
"Dude, I'm totally going to do stuff and more with that drunk chick in the corner. She's probably too trashed to notice that I've never kissed a girl."
by Clarence Temple December 14, 2005
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Going naked on the webcam, or doing something dirty for real.
Sha, you were totally doing stuff with the food, with that random guy!

So what's up?
You know!
Do you wanna do stuff with the food with me?
by Dioldo April 27, 2011
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