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Veronica is a beautiful person. She’s the type of person who puts others needs above her own but is often unappreciated. A Veronica is a once in a lifetime girl if you ever date a Veronica, she may be stubborn as hell but she is the MOST loyal person you’ll ever meet. She is very good with kids and acts like she’s everyone’s mother. Veronica is an independent person who really doesn’t need anyone. She likes to give people the benefit of the doubt even when they don’t deserve it. If a Veronica ever gives up on you that’s when you know you’re in the wrong and you’ve made the biggest mistake of your life. Veronica is very smart but struggles, she is a naturally gifted writer and is good at history however math is not her friend. She works hard and gives her all in everything she does. She’s the most hard working woman you’ll ever know. Sometimes she overworks and it makes her frustrated but if the right person comes along they will help her get through it.
I wish I was as smart as Veronica
by DylanOBrienslays98 June 01, 2019
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Beautiful girl who is always nice and will give you multiple chances before she gives up on you.
If you ever meet a Veronica don't let her go and don't mess it up she will care for you until your become a childish awhole.
by Geekinglasses7789 January 11, 2014
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The sweetest girl you will ever meet. Veronica is very loyal to her friends and will support you and encourage you and can make you smile no matter what. If you meet Veronica, make sure to keep in touch because she is someone you don't want to lose.
Veronica is amazing.
by even odds September 03, 2017
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she's a beautiful girl with an amazing smile and loves everyone . if you ever date a veronica , never let her go. veronica is perfect beyond belief. she will love you and care about you forever. don't hurt her though, or she might not forgive you. she's not a slut, she's not bitch, she's a human. just like anyone else. she may make mistakes but she's fucking perfect and nobody will ever change that. she will always be your best friend and never leave you. she's the greatest friend you could ever have
boy 1: did you see veronica today?
boy 2: yeah, she's so hot
boy 1: I love her!
Kyle: I'm her boyfriend.
boys 1,2,3 : fml
by muffinbudder102 July 02, 2014
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A strong beautiful woman. Can survive either ways, on her own her or with someone else. Finds the simples details to be attracting. Has a gorgeous smile and stunning eyes. Yet listens to the negative but hope strong for the positive.
by jollylli November 25, 2011
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a good person to talk to, a nice girl to have as a friend, and a good girlfriend to have.<3
Veronica is so kind,if you don't act like a (bitch) to her..
by orange-pop July 29, 2014
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Veronica is a beyond gorgeous girl inside and out. She is very poised, but slightly clumsy at times. She can't take jokes very well sometimes, but loves to goof around with friends. She is very shy at first, but very outgoing once you get know her. People may call her weird, but in reality, she is just a naturally fun person that everyone loves to be around. She is too good for everyone because everyone else is ugly compared to her. She is very loyal and trustworthy. Once your her friend, she's got your back for life. She is not self-centered either, she is very humble. She is a great role-model and leader to all of those around her. But watch out, if you treat her the wrong way, she'll hate you forever and make your life a living hell. She also has soft hair and is an amazing singer.
Veronica is such a perfect person.

Look how hot Veronica is.

Look at that girl! She looks perfect, she must be a Veronica.

Veronica is angelic.

I wish I could be like Veronica.
by Gwendolyn Rochelle December 16, 2011
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