To stuff = to fuck, as in by a guy who is just using you, a guy who wants to get his penis wet, a Man whore.
Don't go out with him, all he wants is to stuff you !
by Fly w/Tink January 03, 2009
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A word to define personal belongings and just about anything else in this wonderful world of ours. If it is of someone else's possession it is no longer stuff but shit, and if it belongs to your exgirlfriend, it is now crap.
My stuff is the most kick-ass stuff in the world.
by Tyler May 14, 2005
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To shove your cock into a womans vagina. To engage in sexual intercourse.
Hey, you see that girl over there? I stuffed that real good.
by Banky December 15, 2002
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The plural of Stuff
You have a lot of stuffs on your desk, you should probably clean that up.
by Cuzkey March 16, 2010
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A word used to describe a group of objects. In some cases, can be used for one object.
Will you pick up your stuff off the floor? I nearly tripped over half of it just walking across the room!

This is some good stuff, I didn't know you could cook so well!
by Silenced Angel September 20, 2009
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