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a water company that when written backwards spells "naive"
does this mean that if you drink evian you're naive?
by Tyler March 4, 2005
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He is actually a 27 year old man that has the same disease as Gary Coleman. He has been doing skits and raps on the internet for years now, for example, "The Super Bowl is Gay" and "NYC" and and stars in a show on MTV called "The Andy Milonakis Show".
Andy Milonakis is a histerical rapper and comedian. Check out his rap NYC on his MySpace, www.MySpace.com/AndyMiloankis.
by Tyler July 19, 2005
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Tedious and Overly Evil chart. Used in many stupid Visual Basic classes to "draw" the program before you begin writing the program. Very useless. Used only by complete idiots.
dont forget to do your Toe Chart
by Tyler November 19, 2004
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A boy or girl, who lives in a trailer, or dresses/smells/lacks money, self control, or self pride, or otherwise acts like those who live in trailer parks due to lack of money, because they spend too much on booze/drugs. Usually the general scum of society, these are the types who will make idle threats, try to act 'ghetto' or even some 'skaters'. They also make fun of those with more money, or those who care for their own appearance - those they label the 'preps'.
Damian is such a trailerslut, look at him, or even better - smell him.
by Tyler December 23, 2004
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When a girl pretends to like you and messes with you for her own personal benefit.
I had no idea that chel was such a trizlo.
by Tyler November 20, 2003
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