a state in which one is too drunk to function, but is attempting to so something, probably productive. Also, a general feeling of being unable to do anything. Expressed as a hypothetical place.
by Ezra R. December 04, 2007
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The Struggle is the systematic and historic degradation and subjugation of intelligent blonde women and their subsequent crusade for blonde liberation in the face of oppression and exploitation.
The first year law student decided not to dye her platinum blond locks brown in response to the struggle, but rather to represent intelligent blond women in the professional setting.
by iStruggle March 04, 2009
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getting definitions pulished. see HArd
its a struggle
by LaLaLesbian May 19, 2019
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Someone who has a lot of issues or problems. Often these issues interfere with the person's ability to behave normally.
Jennie: Jordan's girlfriend is so mean to him, he should dump her.
Sarah: What's wrong with her?
Jennie: Her family is messed up and she has no friends.
Sarah: Oh, that's sad.
Jennie: Yeah, she's got struggles.
by Steph G July 31, 2007
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Also referred to as; The Struggle Bus, I'm Strugglin, The Struggle is real, I'm Driving the Struggle Bus, etc.

Lack of having sex for extended periods of time.
Friend: How longs it been man?
Man: Too long. I'm drivin the struggle bus

Friend: Dude it's been too long, you're being a bitch.

Man: I'm strugglin
by DJBred November 12, 2013
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