adv.- when your tutu for halloween doesn't fit over your over-sized ass so you put it on over your head to go trick-or-treating.
Tomorrow is going to be embarassing.
by Abigailll October 30, 2006
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The way people feel when they realise that they've been spelling embarrassed wrong their whole lives.
He felt embarassment that he had been spelling embarrassed with only one 'r'. Obviously he led an extremely interesting life.
by coffeemist November 9, 2009
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Dear Americans:

Spell "embarassed" with 2 "R"s, 2 "S"s.
by kikimaru July 12, 2011
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when you are taking a poop in a public place and someone walks in and you dont want them to hear you in the stall taking a loud poop so you clinch your butt to be quiet
i was in the bathroom at micky d's the other day with mud butt and some guy came in the room i was really EmbarASSed
by Black-Hamlet August 31, 2010
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Old English spelling of "Embarrass". Commonly used amongst scholars.
He was smarter than most other people, so he spelled "embarrass" in the Old English fashion; which is "embarass".
by wayneward54 November 5, 2009
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the state or condition of being pregnant, originating from the hispanic root "embarazada"
Kemmeline and Surt seem to be very intimate with each and Kemmeline seems to have gained some recently. She is sooo embarassed!
by oinehc January 19, 2008
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When one does something embarassing, and someone else shouts out "that's so embarassing".
After Evan tripped, Ethan shouted out, "That's so embarassing!".
by larl kindberg April 4, 2010
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