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Anybody on the grind. Anybody who is going through physical and emotional struggles on a daily basis. In the ghetto, these may include poverty, drugs, crime. Elsewhere, this may include family breakup, constant relocating, and drugs.
ghetto struggle: Damn man we livin the struggle here in da projects
by playa4life March 1, 2007
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A white person attempting to emulate the hip hop culture. They may or may not be trying to be black. Most I've met know they are white, and accept it. When someone says, "That fucking wigger's tryin to be black", they are stereotyping not only wiggers, but black people too. Not every black person dresses thug folks. And everyone calls them wannabes, well there are white people in the hood who live the struggle, making them as much of a thug as anybody else who lives there. Keep it real,all my wiggers
Emo kid: That Jim, he's such a wigger!

Thug kid: Fuck you man, he's fo real, He reppin the 215
by playa4life March 1, 2007
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