staying "on the grind" means to work hard, always be hustling, or otherwise engaged in money-making or woman-procuring activities.

people who were once poor and become wealthy might then become lazy and indolent and spend all day in champagne-filled jacuzzis whereas other newly-successful people might continue to work hard, thus "staying on the grind"
there are many examples from 50 Cent's latest release, "the Massacre", but i'll offer up two:

excerpt from "God gave me style":

A O.G. told me God's favorites have a hard time
You out the hood, that's good now stay on the grind

Chorus from "Bitch get in my car":

I got no pickup lines
I stay on the grind
I tell the hoes all the time
Bitch get in my car (Bitch get in)
I got my 64, ridin' on Dayton spokes
And when I open that do'
Bitch get in my car
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To sell illegal drugs late at night.
You want to pick up now? At this time of night? Nah, dawg. I don't know anyone who's on the grind in this area.
by Gormonster January 12, 2011
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Grinder - Grinding it Out- On the grind

1) A player player who puts in his poker hours in a job-like way

2) Grind it Out, on the grind: working particularly hard, like when experiencing
an unlucky run of cards, to make an acceptable return on your time invested;
or when making a solid return when playing from a small bankroll at lower limits
Poker Pro's: Mugsy Russo is on the grind , The grinder Michael Mizrachi, Phil Ivey is grinding it out on the tournement circuit

"He Quit his job to become a grinder , he just won the world poker tour"

"what do you do for a living?"
"I'm on the grind"

"Today I'm grinding it out at the poker room."
by Boz Conti August 11, 2008
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A term used to describe the act of playing Call of Duty. However, in order to be truly on the grind, you must not only experience the insatiable urge to do work, but also run shit for at least 2 hours. You cant be on the grind, or grinding, if you play any less. And for most of us, we'll stay on the grind a lot longer.
(a)"You off work yet?"
(b)"Yeah, just got home."
(a)"You on the grind?"
(b)"You know it, been murkin scrubs."

(a)*cough cough cough*-"Damn that shit is fire"
(b)"Time to get on the grind"
(a)"No doubt. The sticks are calling"
by etopp June 22, 2010
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When you’re working your ass off to get somewhere!!
-you know me always at the gym trying to get that sexy body. Grind grind grind!! 🔥
-damn my sister working so hard at school getting that grind grind grind!! 💯
-working night and day for that paycheck yes you go bitch GRIND GRIND GRIND!!🔥
by sexymonster244 January 15, 2018
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when you work your ass off to get shit done
Dini: Have you started working on college apps yet? The deadline is in four days.
Gabby: Not really, I haven’t started any of the essays yet.
Dini: Shit, you’ve gotta grind girl!
by ur b1tch October 28, 2019
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When you're working hard either at work or at a job.
Charles is grinding at work today.

Grinding trying to get that paper.
by tutie411 September 24, 2018
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