A term for a birdwatcher who regularly fabricates sightings of (usually rare) birds, or purposefully misidentifies common species as rare ones (often for attention).
do you think steve really saw that white gyrfalcon?
No, we all know Steve is a stringer.
by Hepatic tanager August 20, 2020
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man who has a series of long-term monogamous relationships with girlfriends but never ends up marrying any of them (usually says "no" when a girl asks him or raises the idea if they should get married)
George and Sally said he won't marry her after seeing her for 3 years. He also said no to Jane after dating her for 2 years prior. George is a stringer.
by pidgey November 27, 2004
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Sally is being promoted from Stringer to Shover-in-the-cardboard-tuber starting next week.
by CCS March 25, 2004
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A long, thin, rapidly discharged turd.
Karson dropped a stringer in the toilet.
by Noam May 21, 2004
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one who goes down on his wife while eating a sandwich
That dude is a nasty stringer.
by matthew December 2, 2003
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most famous short film maker from thecorpse.com

friends with yasper, heatholder , and benno , to name a few

first discovered as "stringer bell" on kza's wutangworld.com website

was rocking the pink before it became fashionable = original G

stringer has the hairiest arms in the state of new york (new york is known for its hairy immigrants)...he will be featured on fear factor as one of the challenges - contestants must eat a quarter pound of his pubic hair

tall man who likes cam'ron and the diplomats
that stringer vid was so hilarious, especially the part where he says "shut up girl or i'll choke you" as a joke...or was it!
by rollie chimpo February 22, 2005
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A person who flirts with other people but is not actually interested in them at all; someone who strings people along.
Person A: What do you think of terrence?

Person B: He's a cool guy, but he is such a stringer. Yesterday he was hitting on me, and today he acted like we were just good friends!
by qwertyuiopasdfghjkl12345678 December 12, 2010
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