Karson is one of the sweetest guy’s you’ll ever know. He puts others before himself and isn’t afraid to show his silly side. He also makes the stupidest faces, but they make you smile. He can change your mood in a heartbeat and will stay with you through the tough times. He’s a hard worker and works for what he wants. He can get hotheaded and doesn’t care if it shows. Karson will love you like there’s no tomorrow :) <3
Person 1: that guy is so nice
Person2: that’s karson
Person 1: no wonder
by Stupidheifer February 10, 2019
Karson is the sweetest guy you will ever meet. He's handsome and fun to talk too. Conversations come naturally when you talk to him and he can make you smile at any time of the day. I wish I had met a Karson earlier in my life because I like him so, so, so much. I want to spend the rest of my life with him because he is just so amazing. He's tall and respectful and he just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside (: I love Karson <3
I love Karson.
by karsonsgirlfriend March 5, 2013
The hottest human being on earth. FACTZ RIGHT HERE OK. so ya. Carson’s can also be hot but Karson hit different
Woah that dude Karson is the hottest fuckin thing on earth
by Highschoolmusical November 15, 2019
The perfect boyfriend, for a girl who loves to do cutie things with. He is not only the perfect boyfriend but also is very sexy. He is a man that knows what he is doing in bed and out.
Sexy as hell Oh my god, is that karson look how sexy he is.
by Karsonjay December 21, 2016
She is the most nicest girl you will ever meet, she has a great since in style. The best to be around, she can always show you a great time in ANY situation. She usually hides her feelings and dont talk about them much but she is always there for someone else, the good thing is she has a great body, perfect for any guy, they never approach her but always look and wish they had her. One of a kind.
Oh, check out the body, must be a Karson!!
by Greatestperson101 February 5, 2010
A child usaully in 8th grade, short, childish, a total cock-block, and always plays with his legos.
"Shutup karson you play with legos"
by HunterL February 21, 2016
A nice boy that is funny,kind,caring,cute,and smart. He gets pissed off really easily. He is also mean at certain times.
by Ummm____ October 5, 2018