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Also known as plugga I guess. A nickname for thongs (the ones that you put on your feet) and seems to be used in Western Australia. They can single- or double-pluggers, single-pluggers being thongs that are reinforced with one set of plugs on the underside of the thongs and double-pluggers being douby reinforced with two plugs
I'm going down to Hay Street Mall today and there's more people wearing single-pluggers than double-pluggers today
by pidgey March 01, 2005

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A (non-derogatory) nickname for an inhabitant of the state of South Australia (Australia), cf sandgroper, an inhabitant of Western Australia.

The term derives from the fact that South Australians ate crows due to poverty when the free-settled colony of South Australia was established in 1836.

The term has been borrowed and truncated in some cases - for example the football team Adelaide Crows.
The mighty Croweaters!
by pidgey February 27, 2005

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In short, a fairy godmother is a good-looking faghag, a good-looking female that primarily hangs out with homosexual men - please see definition for faghag.
If Cindy Crawford hung out with gay guys all the time, then she would be a fairy godmother
by pidgey January 02, 2005

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man who has a series of long-term monogamous relationships with girlfriends but never ends up marrying any of them (usually says "no" when a girl asks him or raises the idea if they should get married)
George and Sally said he won't marry her after seeing her for 3 years. He also said no to Jane after dating her for 2 years prior. George is a stringer.
by pidgey November 27, 2004

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When a female sucks her own breast(s)
Hey check out Jane in the corner, she's milkmaiding - this ain't no party foul!
by pidgey January 04, 2005

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A hairstyle that involves a bleached blond fringe with the rest of the hair being of a darker colour. Named after "John Taylor 1983", circa the time John Taylor (of Duran Duran) had that hairstyle.
Look at that girl, she's got a JT83.
by pidgey January 13, 2008

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Common Australian slang for an individual from the city to invest in country properties. Usually a name of the business street in a city is subsituted as the first part of the phrase, e.g. for NY it might be Wall Street Bushie.
Mate: Trevor, he's buying property in Coober Pedy; he's a Pirie Street Bushie
by pidgey November 26, 2004

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