SB E-mail #85
E. Fullmer wants to know what the advancements of Strong Badia will be in 2 years because he is going on a long trip and he wont be able to check out for 2 years.
by Matthew September 30, 2003
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Rule: A partner (usually boy) may have a relationship with another partner (usually girl) as long as the other partner (girl) is 2 years
or less younger. May not always apply to those 18 and older
If I'm 16, the 2 year rule allows me to date some one of at least 14 years old
by juanrave13 January 4, 2015
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a 2 year old, like what the f*ck else do you think it means?
oh my goodness its a 2 year old. yay.
by jjprs306 October 31, 2018
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An insult used at the most desperate moment when no other insult can be thought of. can be linked with the senses like "you *look* like a 2 year old"
Person 1: yo ur trash get a life

Person 3: *hesitates * well, u sound like a 2 year old!
by dsdfdsd October 21, 2019
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An awkward age where one is not legally suppose to drink, but one can buy cigs and super lotto tickets. This age is further iritating since it limits one's abilities to legally gamble. However, fake ID's that are well made can sometimes give entertainment relief.
Guy 1: Hey man let's take a road trip and party it up in Vegas.

Guy 2: I'm only 20 1/2 years old. Gotta a fake ID?

Guy 1: Got it covered bro.

Guy 2: cool.
by Lassie15 October 24, 2008
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2 Year old morgz fans are little kids who have autism.
Yo that kid is a 2 year old morgz fan, i bet he has autism.
by Salm0n May 12, 2021
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